So why am I on the back porch?

I became a first time mom on December the 13, 2012. Like everyone says it changed my life, sort of. It really is the same as it was before with a few minor adjustments. The usual things changed, I can’t go out like I used to, I sleep less, and a long hot shower is more important to me then words can describe. Two major things have changed. One, I discovered a new level of confidence and self assurance. I know who I am and I know what I have to say. I am stronger in my convictions, beliefs and spirituality. Basically I trust my own voice. Two, I value alone time more now then I ever have. Time to sit and reflect, read, write or just stare of into space and not think at all. I do this in my own little slice of heaven. On my back porch.

I am a “Stoner Mom”. Just your typical product of the 90s. Full of left over teenage angst and bottled up creativity. I LOVE being a mother. I also love cannabis. I could go on and on about the medicinal qualities it brings to my life (which it does), but at the end of the day I just love to sit back with a glass of wine and a bowl of some good ganja, and let the thoughts pour out.

rocker mom

I am coming out of the POT closet my friends. I encourage all of you other stoner mothers out there to do the same. I feel like people spend to much time judging others on how they live their lives, and it is unnecessary. I see Women out there shaming other women and making them feel like they are not enough. When it comes to being a mother you have to do it all. Be the hero feminist AND the good house wife. You have to be the cool fun parent and the warden. When I read the baby and parenting books, all I heard was, you are never going to do this right. Even if you think you are, you aren’t. You have to have the right parenting style, the organic foods, no chemicals in anything. You have to be the up all night smile all day robot that doesn’t exist. You can’t possibly handle all that at once.

Take a load off, stop beating yourself up. Every family is different, every child is different, and every mother is still human, trying to figure it all out without losing her sense of self. Sit back and relax. SMOKE a bowl, pour a glass of wine and get some perspective. Or just watch funny cat videos on youtube. Either way find your own slice of heaven and enjoy being YOU.


2 thoughts on “So why am I on the back porch?

    1. Very true. It just became more intense when I become a parent, it brought me into this community that thinks they can just tell me what to do, and their way is always better. As soon as I got knocked up, I became public property and open for judgement.


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