What is this sticky ISH in my hair?

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Writer’s Block Party.”

It is completely appropriate that I would receive this prompt for my Blogging U daily assignment.  When I started this blog I was on a roll. My writing was effortless. Then the inevitable happened, life caught up with me. My Fiance went back to work and left me here with our little demons… Uh… I mean angels.

My creativity has been drained in a vain attempt to find new responses to the constant line of questioning my two year old desperately needs the answers to.

“Mommy, what is that?”

“Mommy What are you doing?”

“Why is the baby crying?”

“Where does Mickey Mouse live?”

As I am writing this she is demanding I come rescue her from her mortal enemy that is nap time.  the littlest one is sleeping, so why wouldn’t the big one be awake. Don’t they understand that i have a blog to write! I have five followers who are sitting on the edge of there computer chairs just dying to see my next blog post, and the deepest question I have been able to ask myself the past few days is. “What the hell is this sticky shit in my hair?”


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