Mother, Stoner, Blogger, Human

Lets be serious, we write what we know. As a Momma Bear to two little baby bears, right now my reality usually consists of diapers, Mickey Mouse, melt downs, and cleaning, SO much cleaning. I do however get little nuggets of free time in between kissing boo boos and building sheet forts. That is when I like to sit back and toke on a bowl, or sip on some red wine, and read a book, write, listen to music, or do absolutely nothing but stare into space and enjoy the silence. I usually do this on my back porch. It is the only space in our house that belongs only to me. In my own little corner, on my own funky retro couch, I can be whatever I want to be.

To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it.

-Kurt Vonnegut

Honestly when I joined word press and had this grand idea to start a blog, I was three bong rips in, and opening a bottle of pinot (nior). I had this romantic idea of me sitting on my back porch pouring my seemingly infinite wisdom into the void. The next morning, when the smoke cleared, all confidence was gone. I wrote a few things, but left them as drafts in a word document for over a year! I still sat on the porch and pondered the meaning of life, or went on rants about politics, religion or anything else I could form an opinion on, but I never wrote anything down. I would just sit and ponder.

So who am I writing to…..

I am writing to anyone that thrives on individuality. I am writing to anyone that lives the “normal” day  to day life, but still has grand thoughts and ideas.To the moms who wipe butts all day but still have the desire to have deep thought provoking conversations. To the sarcastic smart ass people that see the irony in every day life.To the quiet girl that needs to know that she is not alone in this beautifully imperfect world.To the cannabis smoking population that quietly enjoys the benefits of toking up, but feels the judgement of others.  The writers and thinkers. The people that feel the need to be creative and interact with other thinkers and writers. Those who thrive on learning from the experiences and perspectives of others in different cultures and parts of the world. Basically I am writing to YOU!


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